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MMORPG in the old "privateer/trader" genre, inspired by Elite, Sid Meier's Pirates!, Sea Dogs, Space Rangers, AquaNox and Fallout 1/2 global map trips. In addition we tried to introduce modern trends of recent years using elements of .io-games particularly their minimalism, arcade and causality. At the moment we are at the alpha test phase. Road Dogs is more global than it might seem looking at the graphics. But we are at the finish line.

  • A seamless open world.
  • Real time battles with no limits on the number of participants.
  • Tons of vehicles, motorcycles, armored vehicles, weapons, and gadgets.
  • Detailed vehicle styling and tuning. Create a unique vehicle with a unique name, appearance, and weaponry.
  • Stealth elements and ambushes, there are no levels or maps. Just like in a real battle, only competent intelligence will help you to identify the actual number of battle participants.
  • The game employs a classic role-based character and party system. You can choose not a damage dealer specialization including: scout, artilleryman, party leader, engineer, or ammunition and fuel delivery driver. And you will be in demand in battle party anyway.
  • Unpredictable massive PVP battles. Each time you play you will encounter unique game situations in an open world environment.
  • Participate in caravan robberies. The game employs a live economic system in which you must protect trade vehicles as they move between settlements.
  • Flexible zoom. You can move the camera's position into the stratosphere with one roll of the mouse wheel.
  • Karma and hardcore. Kill anyone you want, from small to large. However, according to the Karma system, what goes around comes around.
  • Drones, UAVs, MRLS, mines, and guided missiles.
  • Dozens of quest generators. Players can trade quests with each other.


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